How to Recover Deleted Files?

Have You Ever imagined the situation of deleting important documents, mp3, images from your windows recycle bin and not even able to find out a solution to recover those important documents . IF YES, then you might be aware about the Data Loss Situation. This situation used to create panic in the organization and the first question to arise was – Now what to do?
In this article we will throw light when you had faced that slap your head moments on how to Recover Deleted Files when you have emptied the recycle bin OR pressed (shift+del) to permanently delete the file. Fortunately, the data is not completely lost and it will remain on your hard disk until something overwrites it. You may be concerned that you won’t be able to retrieve those important data but there is an answer for you, stop what you are doing and call in the data recovery experts.
Data Recovery Experts are able to recover lost data on almost any type or format of modern technology, media and memory storage devices. The definition of Data Recovery is "...Making previously lost or damaged data available again...”. Fortunately, there are lots of Data Recovery Methods and Data recovery Software available in the IT market to help you to get back your lost data and files.
Some major possible reasons for the loss of data:
1. The first and one of the most common reasons of data loss is hardware failure. When powering on your computer you might abruptly hear clicking, buzzing, scrapping and ratting sounds. These are the noises that come when the motor, electronic boards or magnetic platters get damaged due to any electric failure or a head crash. Alternately, the drive might also refuse to spin and results in inaccessible data.
2. Accidental deletion and overwriting is one of the main reason of data loss that more often happens. This event occurs when you overwrite any existing data or emptied the recycle bin. This is the data loss event of human error category.
3. Data loss may also occur due to Operating System failure. Operating system is system software that manages the hardware and enables its communication with software.
The operating system corruption may results in cross linked files, lost clusters, file system corruption or invalid file directories. In this situation, strange error messages get generated or many files may get corrupted.
4. Virus attack can be another reason of data loss.
5. Data can also be lost due to some technical defect of failure of some software running on the computer.
These are the main five reasons of data loss, from which you should be aware of to avoid your valuable data from loss. If you have experienced data loss due to any of the reason, you need for data recovery to recover your valuable data.
With Recover Data for FAT & NTFS you are just four steps away from your vital, crucial and confidential data. No need to take your system anywhere for data recovery in case of data loss. Just install Recover Deleted Files and enjoy the retrieval of lost files and folders.
Recover Deleted Files is available at for free evaluation. The Evaluation or Demo version of Recover Deleted Files recover files but restricts the File saving option.

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Recover deleted files for free

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I was called in a panic by somebody with a Mac (operating system doesn't matter, this will work for any of them), saying that they had somehow deleted all of their photos.

I downloaded a linux distro called INSERT Rescue Security Toolkit (you can find it here:

You could probably do this with any linux distro, but this disc comes with all of the recovery tools that I needed (all arranged in a simple menu, under Openbox, I believe). One of the tools allowed me to search the hard drive for anything with the .jpg extension.

It was unbelievable (and scary!) how many old, deleted photos this utility brought back. The program can be used to find all sorts of extensions, I was just interested in .jpg.

I don't know if the program advertised (spam?) above is any good, but you can definitely recover a lot of files for free with recovery distros like INSERT.