How many domains do you own/control personally and/or for your employer?

54% (902 votes)
20% (334 votes)
12% (199 votes)
4% (66 votes)
11% (178 votes)
Total votes: 1679


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It is conducted in four

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It is conducted in four different languages for you to choose - English, French, German and Japanese language.


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I own 50 domain names. Planning to get rid of 30 of them this year. Have started posting those on ebay.

Hey there, a good question,

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Hey there, a good question, being an employer I am sure most of the people won't give an honest answer here, as for me, I am holding 10 domains as a worker.
Chris Harris
Employers Workers Compensation

Going up!

Anonymous's picture

155 and counting - for work.

Control only a handful privately.

just a few

davidsss's picture

I control about 3 of them and they are all private. Just works better to manage them myself and making sure that nobody knows who the real owner is.

Does that include .arpa

Anonymous's picture

Does that include .arpa domains?

Where's zero?

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Should I feel bad that I don't control *any* domains? Makes me feel a
bit inferior :). Seriously though, I've considered getting myself a
private domain but have never been able to convince myself that it's
worth the effort. One day maybe.

Matthew Cengia

No, you shouldn't feel inferior

Anonymous's picture

If you don't need one, then don't get one. There nothing that says you must have your own domain. I only have one so that my email does not end with

At the same time though, they don't cost much (20$ a year). You can just pick one up and connect it to Google Apps, and you have you own email using Googles service with your domain instead of theirs.