How to install SKYPE on Acer Aspire One laptop with Linpus Linux Lite v1.0.3.E

I need help to install SKYPE on my wife's mini laptop. Also, my internet provider loaded Thunderbird on her linux laptop for emailing and Thunderbird is not working properly. Any advice on using an alternate email program. PS I am not very computer savy.

need help installing skype!

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I downloaded Fedora 7 on my Aspire one, and unpacked it. I went to folder and double clicked on But when I did, I got this message: Your computer is already updated. I uninstalled Fedora 10 before I tried doing this. What am I doing wrong??

the other two posts

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I tried the first one and my computer (acer aspire one mini laptop) doesn't recognise it at all, and I couldn't do anything with the other link. What are we supposted to do? They should have kept number 7 running since they are still making these stupid laptops

skype for acer aspire one

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The ten tweaks for acer aspire one are great but it tells you to download skype for fedora 7, if you go to the sykpe website now in 2010, there is no fedora 7 version and fedora 9 won't work on ACER ASPIRE ONE! Can anyone tell me, or does anyone have a copy of the fedora 7 skype version. I've only had my netbook a year, had to reinstall and now cannot find compatible skype to install & use. JD


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Skype installation on AA1

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brilliant! - worked 1st time. I wish all things in life could be that simple. Thanks shiraz

Hi, on this page:

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on this page:
there is an excellent tutorial about tweaking the Aspire One. One of the tips is about installing Skype.

Good luck!