Google Search will now come with an Encrypted version

In the blog post that Google published regarding its collecting of WiFi data, Alan Eustace, Senior VP, Engineering & Research at Google made an announcement that many seem to have not noticed due to the much more important main issue. However, it is still interesting nonetheless. The announcement is that Google will start offering encrypted search next week.

This is what Alan Eustace wrote in that blog post:

Earlier this year, we encrypted Gmail for all our users, and next week we will start offering an encrypted version of Google Search.

Other than this sentence, Google has not made any other announcements regarding this and has reportedly been unwilling to comment on how the encrypted search will work. However this means that the next time you google something through an open WiFi, you can at least get some data security. For more information about how to password-protect your network, read this.


Zach Schneider is a web developer and Linux enthusiast. Find him on Twitter, @ZKM.


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It's about time...

Daevid Vincent's picture

I'm not sure why this
[a] took so long to do (seems obvious to me to add https://)
[b] is such a big fuss (again, seems like an obvious offering they should have had years ago)

Scroogle dot org has had this awhile.

Anonymous's picture

Google, only with more privacy :p

Google SSL Search Explained

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Gene Liverman is a Systems Administrator of *nix and VMware at a university.

How the encrypted search will work?

mattcen's picture

I may be missing something fundamental here, but isn't it obvious how one would encrypt a web search? is encrypted via SSL.

More info here:

Matthew Cengia

That is what this article was

Zach Schneider's picture

That is what this article was about the announcement of

Zach Schneider is a web developer and Linux enthusiast. Find him on Twitter, @ZKM.