Go track yourself

Are you tired of being hunted down by marketers following your digital crumb-trail?

If the answer to that question is yes, you might want to take an interest in a panel called Getting Personal With Data: How Users Get Control — And What They Do With It. It's happening Tuesday morning at 9:30am (U.S. Eastern time) at Harvard Law School. I'll be moderating it, and the panelists are four very cool people, each working (one way or another) in the fields of self-tracking and .

If the tech gods are with us, there will be a live stream I'll add to this post here. If not, you can always show up if you're local. It's free. (It might help us get a headcount, however, if you register here.)

Meanwhile, here are a bunch of links I'm posting to help all of us prepare.

Those are roughly in the order they appeared in my browser tabs; no priority suggested.

Please add more in the comments below. I am especially interested in open source efforts. If code is already out there, please point to it.

Meanwhile, hope to see some of ya'll on Tuesday.


Doc Searls is the Editor in Chief of Linux Journal


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> Anonymizer: Incognito -

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> Anonymizer: Incognito - http://anonymityanywhere.com/incognito/

Funny how you end up sending your information to someone else anyways.

How hard is it to set up a proxy server to log activity, and be added to the 'Incognito' list? (or any other product like that)

What if I set up 50 virtual machines as proxies?


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Hi there,

will there be a video stream? I believe it should start in a few minutes...
It would be interesting to listen in on this talk.


Will it be available...

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...on-line after the fact? 9:30am Eastern time is 5:30am where I live, and 4:30am in Hawaii...and us network geeks are notorious for not being morning people ;)

Anonymizer: Incognito -

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Anonymizer: Incognito - http://anonymityanywhere.com/incognito/

Google Correlated Data has me concerned

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I'm worried about all the data that google is capturing. Yes, we all know they do it, but I don't think the average person understands how it is correlated into an advertising profile.

Think of all the data that searches, maps, contacts, emails, voice, AND all the websites who use google analytics provides about you.

I can't believe it isn't common practice to subpoena all records concerning google accounts in almost every court case. This is scary stuff - and there really isn't any way to "opt-out" from google tracking.