Fabric: a System Administrator's Best Friend



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Running arbitrary command trick

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Fabric can be used to run arbitrary command with:

fab -u username -H hostname -- 'uname -a'


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I usually just do something

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I usually just do something like the following:

for i in $SERVER1 $SERVER2 $SERVER3; do
scp myTasks.sh root@$i:/tmp
ssh root@$i '/bin/bash /tmp/myTasks.sh ; [[ $? != 0 ]] && echo "stuff broke" || rm -f /tmp/myTasks.sh'

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A good alternative

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I've started using 'Salt' for this purpose. It handles all the rsa key authentication automatically, allows for remote execution of scripts, and also, offers a higher level configuration management system.

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Perl alternative

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There is a similar Perl alternative around, which I prefer for such tasks, as the Perl syntax is just simpler. It's called (R)?ex or just "Rex".


Nice, thanks for the tip.

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Nice, thanks for the tip. Looks interesting.

Another Approach To This Problem

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I wrote something along these lines some time ago, but packaged it as a turnkey utility:


Another Approach To The Same Problem

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Something I wrote along the same lines but more
as a turnkey utility:



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Been using pssh for quite a while to do just this!


And since I'm using Bash to execute items, I can combine it with any arbitrary Bash code to make robust, complex, elegant applications for deployment or administration tasks. :)

Better tool available

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I have found CSSH (Cluster SSH) to do this task quite well. Plus it sounds a lot more simple to use.


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Hello there.

I believe that almost every linux admin has done something like that tool-set on his/hers career. Either with python, ruby, or (k,z,c,ba,)sh script...

But what I find good about this is that it's not being kept closed in a "box". :)

Good job, and thank you for doing this.