Drop This and You'll Break Wind

Watch out Asus Eee PC -- a flood of low-cost laptops based on Intel's new Atom N270 processor are set to come out in the upcoming months, the first being the MSI Wind.

The Wind is set to be configured with a 1.6 GHz Intel processor, 10" display, 80 gig 2.5" SADA, 512MB of ram, 1.3MP webcam, and boasts a 7-hour has a 3-hour battery life (the Linux model comes with only 3 battery cells, the Windoze model comes with 6) -- all this packed in to just 2.3lbs. In addition, the keys are 0.69", just larger than the Eee PCs (a common complaint for the little Asus).

The Wind will ship with Novell SuSE.

While the Atom processor has yet to be released by Intel, on-line retailer Expansys has begun accepting orders for the U.K. version of the Wind running Linux for $560. MSI is rumored to begin selling the Wind in the U.S. June 3 for $399.


Carlie Fairchild is the publisher of Linux Journal.