Development boards for Running embedded Linux ?

Hi all, I am a student in a college, for an experimental project we shall need an ARM9 based development kit, with the SDRAM of at least 64M, ethernet, audio and LCD connection. Better would it be if it would have enough memory for running embedded Linux OS!! I have been looking around for a long time and found nothing exactly meets my requirement. Since you guys have much more experiences in this area than me, would you plz recommend one to me? thanks a lot!


same with me

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same with me, actually i need a development board for my final project, but i found nothing except SBC ( single board computer ). But The price is to much for my pocket. Or maybe you can use Beagleboard :)

My Name Is Gaous Afrizal from Indonesia

Hi Gaous, as it says, Misery

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Hi Gaous, as it says, Misery loves company :)
I have bought an AT2440 board from hiteg, so far it seems perfect for my project. I never expected a board with such a low price can provide such great performance, but it can! unbelievable! I love it.
And in addition it was provided along with all things I need, all necessary interfaces, operating systems, compiler, bootloaders, tool-chain, test programs, source code...The service of that company is just terrific

You should try if you still havn't gotten your board

oh great...where i can get it

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oh great board, so where i can get AT2440 board? and what u mean by "The service of that company is just terrific" ? did you mean the support from the company for the board? -_-'
but actually i need a board with network support at least have 2 ethernet card :D
Thanx for your info :D

My Name Is Gaous Afrizal from Indonesia