Debian 6.0 on Track for December Release

After several delays and many months behind schedule, Debian 6.0 appears to be one step closer to release. As of August 6, the testing branch is now frozen except for fixes and translation updates. This puts Final on track to possibly be released by the end of the year.

Neil McGovern, Debian Release Team manager, wrote in from DebCon10 in New York to announce this milestone for Debian 6.0. Freeze had been delayed until Python 2.6 migration and updating Glibc was completed. Now only critical bug fixes, documentation changes, and translation updates will be accepted into the Testing branch as a general rule. This will give developers the opportunity to polish 6.0 for final release. The last two major versions have seen a four month stabilization period before final release, allowing estimates that 6.0 will arrive sometime in December.

It was over a year ago that Debian developers had announced a fixed release schedule much like other popular Linux distributions, but scheduling freeze dates every two years instead of release dates. 6.0 was scheduled to be frozen in December 2009 with final release estimated for Spring of this year. The freeze was delayed at that time due to a large number of critical bugs, and while the number has decreased, it is still quite high at 554 affecting Squeeze. That number could very well delay release until early Spring 2011.

The upcoming release will bring some exciting changes. Startup, Debian's version of Upstart, is a parallel booting system that will bring faster system starts. GNOME 2.30, KDE 4.4.5, Linux 2.6.32, 7.5, GCC 4.4, and OpenOffice 3.2.1 are on the menu as well.

Live Squeeze Alpha2 was released July 22.


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Not much delay

manmath's picture

You're right, Squeeze release has been delayed. And seems the gap between Lenny and Squeeze will be roughly 2 years. But consider RHEL 6. The late-to-party award should go to Red Hat, cos here the gap seems to be around 45+ months.

I also like Debian very much

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I am new to Debian (have it for a few months now), but I must admit that I love Debian. It's sooo stable, fast and in many ways, better than Ubuntu that I had for a few years on my desktop. I also cannot wait for the final release of "Squeeze", but it's ready, when it's ready and when Debian 6.0 is coming out in December, then it would be a great X-Mas gift for me as well ;-)

Good work Debian and A Happy 17th birthday!

Greetings from Germany,


Now if Debian and Fedora will

Anonymous's picture

Now if Debian and Fedora will just get rid of the annoying Gnome Disk Smart Utility/Notifier like Ubuntu and Mint did that always delivers false positives about bad sectors even on new computers. Some of us now how to shut it off from start-up, but it will scare new users away.


RoyalGNZ's picture

With support for ext4 file system :O


msnthrp's picture

I installed Debian Squeeze (Testing) 2010-08-15 using ext4 for the / and /home partitions. Ext4 is an option in the partitioning and I had zero problems with it.

No time for rejoyce yet...

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Debian is ready...when it's ready. So, let's not be over optimistic, and hope it's released by Valentine's day.

= )

When it's ready!!

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I have to concur. The Ubuntu and Fedora methods of release schedules of 6 months might be good for them, however, I have always thought the 'release when it's ready' as apposed to 'release to timetable' was undue pressure and released with unnecessary bugs not fixed on time.

You Debian Developers do a bloody fantastic job, which should be when you feel the job is ready !!


Adelaide, Sth Australia

Proud Debian User.

A KDE user says "What is the hurry?"

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Lenny is a great release, the best Linux distro ever, IMO. When Lenny became stable I was forced to upgrade my sid boxes from KDE 3.5x, the greatest desktop environment ever, to KDE 4.1, which was just raw. 4.4 is an improvement, but still not even remotely a match for 3.5. Firefox 4 is just around the corner, So I guess Squeeze will hit stable at iceweasel 3.5.11?. Nothing about 7.5 seems compelling to me. I still find myself having to create and edit xorg.conf files to get sane resolutions. Getting the fglrx drivers to work in testing and sid is still very problematic.

Folks who actually like 4.x can use testing or sid now. But once Squeeze becomes stable Lenny's days are numbered.

I admit, if I were a Gnome user I'd want the Squeeze to hit stable to get 2.30, which is a big improvement.

Ah well, hopefully the release won't happen until Spring and I'll still get a year of security updates for Lenny after that & won't have to ditch KDE 3.5 until I'm happier with the 4.x series.

Behold Debian developers

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Debian, we adore you!

One step closer to World Domination (tm) ^_^

What an excellent Christmas

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What an excellent Christmas gift!