Create a Logo from the Command Line


You can create a neat logo from the Linux command line:

$ convert -size 800x120 xc:white -font Times-Roman
-pointsize 100 -fill gray -annotate +20+80 'Linux is cool!'
-fill black -annotate +23+83 'Linux is cool!' -trim
+repage logo.png

And, the following command should display the result:

$ qiv logo.png

If you want to play with multiple colors and fonts, the following will help:

$ convert -list type
$ convert -list color


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CONVERT program is not

Anonymous's picture

CONVERT program is not installed in all distros !

program used

Micah Bucy's picture

It may be important to note that the program used is ImageMagick or its replacement, GraphicsMagick, as not all distros have this built in.


Daniel's picture

This is cool. I've never really thought about graphics on the command line..

And qiv is *very* fast.