Coolest Desktop Screenshot Wins Prize -- Winners Announced

Take a screenshot of your desktop and post it to the Linux Journal Flickr pool (or e-mail it to us). Our editors will pick the 5 they deem "coolest" on Monday and we'll post them here for all to revel in. Winners will receive our handsome new 2010 Tux the Penguin Wall Calendars as their prize.

The contest ended Sunday, November 22, 2009 at 5pm U.S. Central Time (23:00 GMT). Our 5 winners have been contacted via e-mail and are featured here below:

B_Inkskip_2u_m.png829.83 KB
chilicuil_m.png350.01 KB
Oyvind_Hvidsten_m.png650.13 KB
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Very Impressive!!!

Silent.JiT's picture

Great stuff.
I would really like to know how these spectacular effects were achieved.I used Fedora/uBuntu and couldn't make those look 1/10th as good as these.These are wow.

Screen shots 2 and 4,caught my attention.How do i achieve these.I want to know the distro,the theme,the icons,the wallpaper,the text effects,the rss reader.An email drop with the necessary info wont be a bad idea.:)

PS: I refuse to believe that these are edited images.

Desktop 4 icons

Shaun Mallette's picture

Desktop 4 icons (
Wallpaper I think came from (
Using AWN dock, Conky and Screenlets

What is the transparent system info thing called in number two &

jfrice's picture

What is the transparent system info thing called in number two & four?. They all look amazing though.

The transparent system info

Shaun Mallette's picture

The transparent system info is Conky.

Probably it is called

Anonymous's picture

Probably it is called "OpenOffice Draw" or "GIMP".

Please , what's the rss

Anonymous's picture

Please , what's the rss reader in screen two? Can you post configuration file?

I'm inspired

k.sangeeth's picture

good work all ... congrats

Sangeeth Keeriyadath


Raul's picture