Come Hang Out - Virtually!

We're having a few Linux Journal readers over to the office tonight at 5:30pm CDT. We'll talk about Linux, maybe exchange some tips and have good time (think Wii). We may even get a special guest or two. If you can't join us in Houston, join us online!

We'll be ustreaming at

You might also find us at

Video clips hosted by Ustream


Katherine Druckman is webmistress at You might find her on Twitter or at the Southwest Drupal Summit


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Would have been cool to learn later

jza's picture

I wish we could have know about this event earlier and got twitted since I am following you guys. I am a subscriber yet I could have got an invite, since you already got my email :)

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I would of liked to hang out virtually on the 17th...but Ustream doesn't seem to like my machine, my OS, my who knows....and your not the only place that uses Ustream that I can't connect.

Interestingly, I can watch Shawn Powers....anything on cnet, zdnet and those sorts of places, but not on Ustream.

I have found no where how to make this problem go away.

I'm running Hardy Heron 8.04.

Thanks for letting me rant.