CDlinux 0.9.1 new version released. Support installation on HardDisk and USB drive

Cdlinux has released its newest version: 0.9.1 yesterday.
Cdlinux ranked No.76 in now.

This is a yet another big leap toward CDlinux 1.0, integrated many new features and enhancements, including:

a new GUI installation/upgrade wizard
rewrite the "persistent mode" code and save persistent data as squashfs
replace fcitx with scim to support im for more locales
add full support for de_DE, en_CA, en_GB, fr_CA, fr_FR, ja_JP, ru_RU
add support for "Safe Graphics Mode" in case native Xorg driver failed
determine wether to run in RAM or loop mode more smartly
some fine-tunes to improve performance on machines with lesser memory

And many package upgrades, including:


CDlinux homepage:

where i can download ?

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where i can download it ?


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replace fcitx with scim to support, is very good and helpful thank U

where i can download ?

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where i can download it ?