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Last fall, the openSUSE Project achieved an important milestone: the first-ever openSUSE Board election. Two new members joined the two victorious incumbents and the Novell-appointed chairman to form the project's first elected board. Now the composition is changing once again, as one of the board's original members takes a step back.

Federico Mena-Quintero — known in the Open Source community for being one of the original founders of the GNOME Project, with Miguel de Icaza and Elliot Lee — was appointed to the original openSUSE Board in November 2007, and won re-election in October. He holds one of the two elected seats for those associated with Novell, and works full time for the company on GTK+ and other aspects of GNOME. In an email sent to the openSUSE project email last on Thursday, Mena-Quintero announced that because "work and other duties have kept me too busy to be a useful part of the Board," he is stepping down, effective immediately. His message stressed that he is not stepping away from openSUSE, and will continue to work with the openSUSE-GNOME team.

Michael L√∂ffler, chairman of the openSUSE Board, announced later in the day that longtime contributor Stephen Shaw, runner up in last year's election, will take over the remainder of Mena-Quintero's term, which will come up for election in November. Shaw is likewise employed by Novell, on the SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop team — he was previously a QA intern with the XEN virtualization team. Shaw joins veteran contributors Pascal Bleser, Henne Vogelsang, Bryen Yunashko, and chairman Michael Loeffer to make up openSUSE Board 2.1.


Justin Ryan is a Contributing Editor for Linux Journal.


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I use openSUSE on most of my

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I use openSUSE on most of my servers. It's cool to know that the project is in good hands.


Helen Chambers

That's cool. I bet they

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That's cool. I bet they will help the project move forwards in a great fashion. Its close to my heart... and my wallet. :-)