Black Friday - Shopping for Your Linux Loved Ones

Have a friend or family member who loves Linux? While you're shopping on this Black Friday, consider this shopping list of all things Tux.

The time to send out holiday cards is already here. This Tux holiday card features a watercolor design by a friend of Linux Journal's, Adine. We love to support our local artists. Cards sell for $4.49 each or a pack of 10 for $22.99.

This Tux porcelain ornament is joining my tree this year. $6.99.

Perhaps a Tux key chain will tickle your fancy. $1.99.

Nothing says formal wear like penguin cuff links. $45 for the set.

Your desktop workstation is begging for one: The Tux Penguin PC badge sells for just $1.95.

A Penguin CD Wallet -- oh heck, why not. It's £4.95 and holds 12 CDs.

Tux Droid is a favorite around our office. We like to set him up in the reception room and have him say mildly offensive things to passer-bys. It never fails to amuse to us. Tux Droid, which we have reviewed here on, sells for $149.

Good Evening Mr. Gates, I'll be Your Server Today coffee mug. This was a Penguin Computing advertisement that originally appeared in Linux Journal. The ad quickly became popular and the artwork began appearing on mouse pads and coffee mugs all over. This coffee mug sells for $11.99.

The Penguin Mints guys and Linux Journal go way back. I remember meeting them in our Seattle office in ~1998 explaining to them what Linux was and why we needed several dozens of cases to take to the Atlanta Linux Showcase with us. They were a huge hit then and still are. These caffeinated mints will keep you buzzing and sell for $2.99.

We'd like to think one can't be a Linux enthusiast without a Linux Journal subscription. Not only is each issue filled with the best Linux how-tos but lets face it, having a Linux Journal in your backpack is like a badge of honor, kind of like having an Economist on your coffee table but a magazine you'll actually read! :) Give your friend or loved one a gift subscription today. We'll send you a card in the mail before the holidays so that you can let your gift recipient know their gift subscription from you is on the way.

Know of other Tux-related gifts? Share with us in the comments section.


Carlie Fairchild is the publisher of Linux Journal.


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Tux Crystal toy?!

dalesmcd's picture

Oh man, what I wouldn't give for a little plastic Tux Crystal toy! I'm surprised no one's made them after all this time. C'mon Santa!

Tux Cards

Gar Nelson's picture

If only those cards came in a box of ten at an affordable price. I used to be able to find some sort of penguin holiday card, but this year the picking seem slim, or really expensive.

Tux Cards

sevatt's picture

Thank you for the feedback. We have added the option for a set of 10 Christmas Tux cards.

Happy Holidays!