Akamai is looking for GREAT Engineers!

I am an in-house recruiter at Akamai Technologies and wanted share two job opportunities in San Mateo, CA. Below are a brief description and link to full details. Ideally, we are looking for local candidates. Please forward this to anyone you know who could be a fit. Thanks.

Dantam Vu
Senior Recruiter
Akamai Technologies
3125 Clearview Way
San Mateo, CA 94402
Email: dvu@akamai.com


Senior OS Software Engineer

We are looking to a Senior OS Software Engineer for the Runtime OS side of Akamai's Application Performance Services offering. This position involves supporting custom changes to the Operating System environment on our application servers: the Debian/Ubuntu archives provide the reference framework for the Operating System, to which Akamai-specific customizations are made to expose internals to applications, as well as to implement policy changes across the entire network of 40,000 servers.



Senior Kernel Development Engineer

As a Senior Software Engineer on the Kernel team, you will be responsible for developing extensions, while maintaining the integrity of the Akamai kernel, in the areas of I/O subsystem and drivers, File systems, device drivers, file data related memory management, as well as, the associated user space tools and utilities.


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