Adding IoT Flare to a Hot Springs and Spa Business

TS-7680 Installation

The last step of development was actually to install the TS-7680. A DIN rail was screwed to the plywood wall next to the T775M controllers, and the enclosed TS-7680 was mounted on it. As planned in the wiring diagram, hookup wires connected MOD2 of each controller to the screw terminal connector of the TS-7680. Power was applied to the TS-7680 using the PS-12VDC-REG-3PB power supply plugged in to a nearby wall outlet.

For networking, the TS-7680's wireless interface was configured to fetch an IP address via DHCP and associated with the SSID and password of the Bozeman Hot Springs wireless access point. The networking administrator was called in to assign a reserved IP address for the MAC address of the wireless interface and port forward 8080 to said reserved IP address. The website administrator was then called in to provide us with a subdomain for easy access to the newly installed TS-7680 API server, thus concluding our TS-7680 development and installation.


The fruit of our labors is a nice-looking, prominently displayed widget showing off pool temperature data provided by our API server for customers to see. Time will tell if this has any impact on sales and business, but customers already have started to compliment the addition to the website in such a short time since going live.

Of course, this is just the start of what can now be accomplished. A maintenance dashboard can be developed to display historical temperature trends and send alerts for when the unexpected happens. Informing visitors of current pool temperatures using a digital screen instead of a dry-erase marker board can now be done. Future expansion to other pools, including those that are currently under construction, is an option, thanks to TS-1700 support. Other sensors can be added and reported on through the API server as well.

Overall, this project has provided Bozeman Hot Springs with a great foundation in bringing their pools into the 21st century and IoT domain. We're looking forward to working together in the future. In the meantime, we do hope this has inspired you in some way to develop your own IoT application using Technologic Systems' embedded products. If you're buzzing with anticipation, please reach out to our sales and engineering teams. They love hearing about new and exciting applications.

Materials List

Here's a quick bullet-point view of the parts and materials used in this project.

  • TS-7680 Single Board Computer with AC Power, Relays, and WiFi (TS-7680-256-4GF-I-DEV, KIT-7680, CB-ANT-TIWI, TS-ENC768-DIN, PS-12VDC-REG-3PB)

  • DIN Rail with mounting screws (hacksaw and file to cut to length)

  • Hook-up wire (22 AWG) in various colors

  • Honeywell T755M Standalone Temperature Controller (per pool)

  • Development workstation (Mac OSX, Linux, or Windows)

  • Linux Server with node.js and pm2 installed

Source Code: embeddedarm/bhs-api on

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