Acquia Open Sources Mobile App Code for Posting Content to Drupal Sites

GitHub Code Release to Jumpstart Native Mobile App Development for Drupal

BURLINGTON, MA – April 3, 2013 – Acquia, the enterprise guide to Drupal, today announced the release of the source code for Drupal Create, a mobile application that allows any Drupal content contributor to post content to their websites directly from any iOS device. Acquia has made the full Objective-C source code for Drupal Create available on GitHub, providing developers with a fully functional codebase from which custom mobile apps that communicate with Drupal sites may be built.

“Drupal has thousands of community-contributed modules and themes. With this release, Acquia is kick-starting development of mobile content publishing apps for Drupal,” said Dries Buytaert, CTO and co-founder of Acquia. “As mobile quickly becomes a dominant driver of digital experiences, the Drupal community is increasingly focused on content delivery beyond the desktop. By contributing the Drupal Create codebase, we can leverage the rapid innovation of the Drupal community through offering developers powerful, open source code that they can use, tweak and, ultimately, improve.”

With the working codebase as a foundation, developers can build Drupal-specific content publishing apps to address the needs of site owners and content contributors. Custom apps can be tailored to make use of an iOS device’s features, including location and social APIs in addition to its integrated camera and speaker. Drupal Create enables content authors to post new site content, including blog posts, articles, photos, and custom content types to any Drupal 7 site.

Drupal Create was developed in collaboration with WorkHabit, an Acquia partner that has invested significantly in the development of real time, mobile and social applications for Drupal. Acquia and WorkHabit built Drupal Create on top of the Drupal iOS Software Development Kit, which is also available on GitHub.

One example of a content publishing app based on the Drupal Create codebase is the Drupal Gardens iOS app, available from the iTunes App Store. Developers can use the Drupal Create codebase to similarly build a custom app for contributing content directly to their Drupal sites.

The Drupal Create codebase can be downloaded from:

About Acquia

Acquia provides enterprises with the freedom to create extraordinary web experiences based on Drupal, the open source platform that integrates content, community and commerce. Offering a variety of Cloud solutions specifically designed for Drupal, Acquia gives global organizations the unparalleled ability to rapidly deploy and manage multichannel content across web and mobile devices. Co-founded by Drupal project’s creator in 2007, Acquia has helped more than 2,500 companies including Twitter, Warner Music Group, Humana, Stanford University, Mercedes-Benz and the New York MTA, to grow and scale their digital experiences with confidence. Acquia was recently named the number one software company in the 2012 Inc. 500 and was named one of the 100 most promising companies in America by Forbes Magazine. See who’s using Drupal at, and for more information visit or call +1 781 238 8600.

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iOS 7 beta 2 arrives with bug fixes, iPad version!

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Apple on Monday released the second beta of iOS 7, exactly two weeks after the first iteration of the software was doled out to developers.
The new version promises only to fix bugs and contains other undocumented "improvements."
But the big new thing in this release is a version of the software for iPads -- both the regular and Mini models. The first version of the software only came for iPhones and iPod Touches, with Apple promising to add support for other devices as time went on.
The software requires developers to sign a privacy agreement, but that hasn't stopped numerous developers and some blogs from posting extensive hands-on previews of the new OS.
It's been standard practice for Apple to roll out several beta versions of the software before it's released to the public, which Apple has said will happen in the fall. In terms of how many more of these to expect, iOS 6 had four different beta versions between its June debut and late September release last year.
Perhaps not since 2010's iOS 4 (which brought multitasking) has there been quite so much scrutiny on just what Apple's up to with these interim updates. iOS 7 is a massive visual and, in some cases, functional overhaul of the versions that came before it, and many things are expected to change before it's officially released.
Update: The software also brings back a reworked version of Apple's voice memos application, which has been a built-in utility since 2009's iOS 3.0, though was not provided in the initial beta of iOS 7.


Oh for a single fleeting moment, I thought they would fix those horrid icons after seeing the backlash
I would say that designing better consistent icons for the whole of iOS 7 would take a skilled team of about 20 designers less than a week to accomplish(if you don't believe me search Dribbble for iOS 7 icons). But nooooo, they still keep those Fisher Price icons that look like they were hashed together 15 minutes before the keynote.