Access the X Window System Clipboard from the Command Line with xclip


Ever selected text from your terminal so you could paste it into an X application? Drop the mouse and use xclip instead. Using xclip, you simply can pipe the contents that you want to clip directly into xclip:

$ lspci | xclip

Then, go to your X application and paste the captured output into the application. xclip also lets you “paste” selected text into the terminal. Just use the -o switch to output the highlighted text from the active selection:

$ xclip -o

xclip can be found at


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Thanks so much

Newky's picture

Just found this, and this is amazing... as I use vim all the time, and my current install doesnt have clipboard installed and cant be bothered recompiling.


xsel does the same

João Santos's picture

The program xsel does the same