a2ps: unknown medium 'libpaper'

Say what? This could be a bug report if I knew enough to write an intelligent one. But, I don't so consider this a note to anyone that if they get this message, they are not the first.

I am working on a Python program. I was doing it on my desktop (Kubuntu Hardy which I got to from an upgrade) and using a2ps to print out a listing. All was well. But, what I am working on needs to talk to a serial port and my desktop serial port is busy offering up Estelí weather. No problem, off to the trusty ThinkPad T20 which is also running Kubuntu Hardy which was a result of an upgrade.

The program is working and time for a new listing. Same a2ps command and I get the error message in the title. After deciding the message made no sense, I took a wild guess and looked for /etc/papersize. Aha, didn't exist. Creating it and putting letter in it and all is well. That is, all except the stupid error message.


Phil Hughes

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