Linux Minute

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Google Tasks Tray

Shawn Powers shows us how to use the program "alltray" to put applications up in the system tray, even if they're not designed to do so. Shawn demonstrates with Google Tasks and Prism, but you can use it for whatever program you like.

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Working with MDB Files in Linux

 Kristofer Occhipinti shows us how to work with MDB files from the command line.

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Nautilus Location Bar in Lucid

Kris Occhipinti demonstrates easier navigation within Nautilus.

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Move Window Buttons in Lucid

Kris Occhipinti shows us how to move our window buttons back to the right side in Ubuntu's latest release, Lucid.

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Quick Compiz Screenshots

Shawn Powers shows us a very quick way to take screenshots using Compiz under Linux. Yes, there are plenty of screenshot tools available for Linux, but Compiz allows for a literal one click method.

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