Linux Journal brand’s following has grown to a monthly readership nearly one million strong. Encompassing the magazine, web site, newsletters and much more, Linux Journal offers the ideal content environment to help you reach your marketing objectives.

LJ delivers readers the advice and inspiration they need to get the most out of their Linux systems. With its comprehensive Linux how-tos, tutorials, reviews, in-depth reporting, tips and tricks, and market analysis, Linux Journal has become widely recognized as the industry standard.

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Daily Giveaway Calendar

Linux Journal is proud to introduce our Daily Giveaway Calendar. Originally designed as part of our special 200th issue celebration, it was a huge hit with readers–we received up to 650 entries per day. Bringing in more than 3,000 unique entries during only 30 days, this represents an amazing lead generation opportunity for our partners.

Giveaway calendar sponsors can choose to sponsor a single week during a month, or every day of the month. Each day, sponsors provide an item(s) of their choosing to give away. Prizes may be something as small as a T-shirt or sticker, or they may be a server, laptop or other high-end product. Obviously, more valuable giveaways will generate more leads.

To be entered in the drawing for the daily giveaway, visitors simply complete a short entry form on After each day of sponsorship is completed, we will announce the winner of the giveaway, then send you the collected information for all of the entries for that day–hundreds of contacts who have shown direct interest in acquiring your product.

In addition to receiving the leads generated on the days of your sponsorship, we will also promote your giveaways in our e-mails and newsletters and via and social media, offer entrants the opportunity to subscribe to your newsletter when they complete the registration form, and you will have the opportunity to provide us with a URL to be linked to in the daily giveaway product description.

This is a great way to generate a high volume of leads from a high value web site, at a very low cost. Prices start at $5,000 for a one week sponsorship and $20,000 for a full month (30 day) sponsorship.

NEW: For the month of November (2011), we are also pleased to be able to offer sponsorship positions on a daily basis. Gathering up to 650 leads per day, the price tag of $1250 for a single day of sponsorship could have you paying less than $2 per lead!

Contact Rebecca Cassity today for availability. or +1-713-344-1956 ext. 2

See the November Daily Giveaway Calendar in action.

Category Targeting

Dominate mind share as tech buyers educate themselves in a specific editorial category.

Targeting a specific category (e.g. Android, Security, etc.) results in higher-than-average response rates. Advertisers have the opportunity to:

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Display Banners

Traditional display banner advertising is a successful way to brand your company and product and provides vendors instant-gratification results.

We limit the number of banner ad locations on the Linux Journal web site to ensure optimal results for advertisers.

Banner ad sizes available include:

Type of ad Dimensions Max initial file load size File formats
Leaderboard 728 x 90 pixels 200 KB PNG, JPG, GIF or Flash
Large Rectangle 336 x 280 pixels 200 KB PNG, JPG, GIF or Flash
Medium Rectangle 300 x 250 pixels 200 KB PNG, JPG, GIF or Flash
Mobile Banner 320 x 50 pixels 50 KB PNG, JPG, GIF or Flash
Banner Ad Animation
Leaderboard 3 loops max, 15 second max for initial movie, 12 - 15 fps max
Large Rectangle 3 loops max, 15 second max for initial movie, 12 - 15 fps max
Special notes: User interaction with an ad must always be user-initiated: audio and video can be activated only by a user click (not mouse-over), and once activated, an "off" option must be provided.
File format Submission Deadline
PNG, JPG or GIF 3 business days prior to campaign launch
Rich Media 5 business days prior to campaign launch (in addition a PNG, JPG or GIF must be provided to be served as default for non-Flash users)
Special Notes: If the submitted creative does not conform to specifications, it will not go on-line and may result in a delayed launch date. Send creative here.

When submitting creatives, please note: Although advertisers are free to design their ads to achieve best site visibility, reserves the right to refuse any advertising that is deemed unacceptable: two examples would be pop-ups or pop-unders. In addition, advertising served by third-party agencies using cookie technology is not encouraged at for privacy policy reasons and because of accepted practices in the Linux community. For questions, please contact your advertising representative.

Contact your sales rep today for pricing, timelines and booking information. +1-713-344-1956 ext. 2.

Linux Journal Digital Edition

According to a report in Media Post (03/30/10) citing a survey by Smarter Media Sales, digital magazines have an edge over other electronic media. Four out of five respondents said ads in digital editions were more credible than web ads, and 70% said they were less likely to ignore display ads in digital editions than those on a website.

Pair this with the power of mobile delivery, and you have credible ads presented in an extremely engaging format.

Here is an overview of advertising opportunities available in Linux Journal Digital Edition:

Cover Sponsorship
Location: Right side following publication cover
Size: Full page built to magazine specs
File Formats: High Resolution PDF
Features: Can link to internal pages, external sites
Good use: As a welcome page, to flag new content
Other: Supports multimedia

Location: Overlays page(s) of choice
Size: Maximum 500w x 300h pixels
File Formats: JPEG, GIF, Animated GIF
Features: Can select page position, link to URL
Good use: To intercept reader and force purchase
Other: Supports multimedia

Leaderboard Ad
Location: Above the digital issue, within the interface
Size: Industry standard 728w x 90h pixels
File Formats: JPEG, GIF, Animated GIF
Features: Can add JavaScript ad tag, link to URL
Good use: To promote product, commerce, resources, events
Other: Supports multimedia

Location: Select page number, request preferred position
Size: 100 MB
Video Formats: .avi, .dv & .dvcPro, .flv, .f4v (h264), .mpeg1 & .mpeg2, .mpeg4/.mp4, .mov, .wmv, .3gp (mobile phones)
Audio Formats: .mp3, .wav
Features: Can opt for auto play or on demand
Good use: To engage readers, demonstrate product

Button Drawer Ad
Location: Bottom of left navigation panel
Size: Maximum 180w x 150h pixels
File Formats: JPEG, GIF, Animated GIF
Features: Can add Javascript ad tag, link to URL
Good use: Newsletter signup, promote social sharing
Other: Supports multimedia

Belly Band
Location: Overlays page(s) of choice
Size: Maximum 800w x 175h pixels
File Formats: JPEG, GIF, Animated GIF
Features: Can select page position, link to URL
Good use: New product announcements, event reminders
Other: Supports multimedia

Traditional Display Ad
Location: Any page within magazine
Features: Can overlay Multimedia ad or Blow-In ad (see above)
Good use: Branding, product information

Opportunities for advertising messages are also available within the e-mail alert and on the navigation bar. Please inquire.

Contact your sales rep today for pricing, timelines and booking information. +1-713-344-1956 ext. 2.

2017-18 Important Dates

Linux Journal 2017-18 Editorial Calendar
Issue Space Close Materials Close
October 31, 2017 November 7, 2017
December 4, 2017 December 11, 2017
January 8, 2018 January 16, 2018
February 5, 2018 February 13, 2018
March 6, 2018 March 13, 2018
April 3, 2018 April 10, 2018
May 1, 2018 May 8, 2018
June 5, 2018 June 12, 2018
July 9, 2018 July 17, 2018
August 7, 2018 August 14, 2018
September 4, 2018 September 11, 2018
October 2, 2018 October 9, 2018
November 5, 2018 November 13, 2018

Advertising Specifications

Ad Dimensions
Horizontal measurement (width) is given first. All measurement units are in inches. The publisher reserves the right to alter any artwork not meeting these specifications, at the advertiser’s expense.

2-page spread (trim size): 16–1/4" x 10–7/8" (16.25" x 10.875")
Full page (trim size): 8–1/8" x 10–7/8" (8.125" x 10.875")
Full page: 7" x 10" (7.0" x 10.0")
1/2 page horizontal: 7" x 4–7/8" (7.0" x 4.875")
1/2 page vertical: 3–1/3" x 10" (3.333" x 10.0")
1/4 page: 3–1/3" x 4–7/8" (3.333" x 4.875")
Marketplace Single 3–3/8" x 2–5/16" (3.375" x 2.3125")
Marketplace Double 3–3/8" x 4–3/4" (3.375" x 4.75")
Marketplace Quad 6–7/8" x 4–3/4" (6.875" x 4.75")

Publication Specifications
Trim Size: 8-1/8" x 10-7/8"
Bleed Matter: At least 1/8" beyond trim on all sides.
Bleed: Bleeds are allowed on all ad sizes other than 1/4 page or Marketplace.

Electronic File Specifications and Formats
Colors may be CMYK, RGB or grayscale. All color and grayscale images should have a resolution of 300dpi at full size. All 1-bit black & white images should have a resolution of 1200dpi at full size.
EPS: All images must be embedded. All fonts must be converted to curves. The file must be saved with a preview.
PDF: All fonts must be embedded.
TIFF: Must be 300dpi.
For further guidelines, please contact Linux Journal’s production department.

Art and Production
Linux Journal will not be responsible for reproduction quality if materials fail to conform to specifications. Linux Journal reserves the right to reduce oversize material and charge for the service involved. Verbal instructions regarding changes for corrections to advertising materials must be confirmed immediately in writing. Linux Journal will hold materials for one year after the last insertion date, unless advertiser requests their return. All materials are destroyed after one year.

Sending Files Electronically
Password: anymouse
E-mail: - please do not email files larger than 5MB.

Art Director
Garrick Antikajian
+1-713-344-1956 x114

Linux Journal Content

Linux Journal began in 1994, the same year Linus Torvalds released Linux 1.0. Since then, the magazine has been at the very core of both the Linux community and the Linux phenomenon as a whole.

Linux Journal has always been written by and for the Linux community. And it shares that community's main concern: how do we put this remarkable operating system to work?

Answering that question accounts for the explosive growth in Linux popularity, because Linux is simply the most useful operating system ever created. Linux takes all the well-known virtues of UNIX and makes them extremely easy to apply and improve. Because its source code is open, and the whole community is welcome to help improve that code, Linux has grown to serve the needs of that community in better and better ways. Today, it is exactly what everyone wants from an operating system: something that is efficient, reliable, easy to implement and inviting to developers of all kinds.

What makes Linux different from other mainstream operating systems? Microsoft's Windows and Windows NT, Apple's Macintosh and even the many other flavors of UNIX that have been around for decades is that Linux is a product of the software building trade, rather than the vendors who supply that trade. It is built, literally, to serve the needs of the people who put it to work, rather than the urges of vendors to control markets and make life difficult for competitors.

This is why Linux is now doing to the software business what the Internet has already done to the networking business: it is changing that business from a war between vendors into a wide-open universe of opportunities for every industry that stands to benefit from computing solutions in the literal meaning of that word. Linux has become the ideal problem-solving platform with applications that are easy to build, improve and maintain, in highly useful and reliable ways. That fact alone is bound to change the world.

Read about those changes first in Linux Journal.

Mobile Site offers a popular mobile version of its site optimized for viewing and navigating site content on mobile devices.

Exclusive sponsorship of the mobile site is sold on a monthly basis and includes a prominent, fixed position at the top of each page. Fixed positions click through to a URL provided by the sponsor. Stats are provided to the sponsor at the end of the calendar month.

Contact your sales rep today for pricing, timelines and booking information. +1-713-344-1956 ext. 2.


Each week Linux Journal editors tell e-mail newsletter subscribers what's hot in the world of Linux. They receive late-breaking news, technical tips and tricks, and links to in-depth stories featured on

Newsletters include:

Linux Journal Weekly News
Each week Linux Journal editors will tell you what's hot in the world of Linux. You will receive late breaking news, technical tips and tricks, and links to in-depth stories featured on Sent Wednesdays.

Linux Journal Announce
Find out what's new in the world of Linux Journal. We'll feature company announcements, where our team is traveling to next, and other "insider" information about your favorite magazine and the team who puts it together. Sent monthly.

Sample Newsletter:

Editorial Guidelines:

E-mail newsletter sponsorships may be submitted as a 728 x 90 display banner ad or as text. If using text, please follow our editorial guidelines:

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Linux Journal Insider is readers' monthly peek at what to expect from the latest issue of Linux Journal. Our ever-entertaining editors Shawn Powers and Kyle Rankin give listeners the inside scoop on topics and articles.

Sponsorship of podcasts includes:

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Create Social Buzz with Linux Journal

For a limited time we are offering first time advertisers the opportunity to take advantage of Linux Journal's good name and devoted following via all channels. Included for one low fee you'll receive:

Create the buzz you've been looking for with our strategic plan for only $4,850.

Your reach extends-- Linux Journal Android, iPhone and iPad apps now available!

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Linux Journal offers unique and results-driven webinar packages that reach highly influential, educated, tech buying viewers.

Advertisers can select the program that best meets their campaign objectives. Programs include comprehensive marketing exposure such as:

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White Papers

Linux Journal generates highly qualified leads by promoting vendor white papers, product downloads and other product information through our White Paper program.

Papers are marketed to business decision makers through various Linux Journal marketing channels and feature registration questions of the vendor's choice. An example follows:

Contact your sales rep today for pricing, timelines and booking information. +1-713-344-1956 ext. 2.