New Products

Nuxeo's Enterprise Platform

The world of enterprise content management (ECM) has gotten more interesting with veteran Nuxeo's recent release of its Enterprise Platform 5.1 ECM application. Nuxeo says that this release is “distinguished by its service-oriented architecture (SOA), scalability and flexibility.” The firm touts its infrastructure being built on plugins and extension points that are based on the OSGi standard, giving developers and integrators the ability to create custom configurations and extensions quickly and easily. New features in 5.1 include an advanced search service based on the NXQL query language (SQL-based), data import/export service, enhanced horizontal scalability and electronic and physical records management.

Wrox's Professional SlickEdit and Beginning Linux Programming

Wrox had a couple of particularly interesting November releases, such as Professional SlickEdit by John Hurst and Beginning Linux Programming, 4th edition, by Neil Matthew and Richard Stones. Professional SlickEdit, likely the first guide dedicated to the SlickEdit tools, is an example-heavy, hands-on guide to getting the most out of this popular development environment. The CD-ROM offers an exclusive extended trial version of SlickEdit. Meanwhile, in its 4th debut, Beginning Linux Programming takes a similar, learn-by-doing approach to teaching UNIX programming and application development in C on the Linux platform. The book also introduces toolkits and libraries for working with UIs of all sorts. Advanced topics include processes socket programming, MySQL, writing apps for GNOME/KDE desktop, writing device drivers, POSIX threads and kernel programming. Wrox also offers Professional Linux Programming, a recent book for more-advanced developers.


James Gray is Products Editor for Linux Journal.