Open-Source Compositing in Blender

How to use node-based compositing in Blender.


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All, Remember that Blender

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Remember that Blender used to be a closed-source commercial project...

And while the compositor looks more promising than it looked at my first glance, it still lacks substantially even compared to the so-called "defunct" Shake...

Also, I have yet to see an open-source video/movie editor that can even nip at the heels of Final Cut Pro (and yes, I do go out and look for them, rather often).

While there is a LOT of potential in open-source projects, there is definitely still a LONG way to go, at least in the professional creative apps market.

Hail Open Source

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HI, I really liked your coments on node based compositing facilities being ofered in Blender. Its true that I am a newbie for video editing and all the other software stuff but that can not stop me from being a huge fan of open source . Lately I v been researching the different capabilities of open source multimedia content ceation softwrae and closed source memebers of the same family t to figure out whether we (OPen Source Lovers ) have beaten the closed source giants. It made me realize that even though vector graphics,raster graphics ,and audio editing and even 3D content creation has already givin promises to be catching up compositing has ben a bit laging behind.cinerrella seems to do the job right but its stubbornly aiming only Linux platform. For it to beat those Windows based counterparts it l have to battle in the samwe ground.
jahshaka is looking good but where have al the developers gone who were there earlier for it. Open source guy we need to unite to start the battle with cloced Sources!!!

lets hope for a day wheer Open source rules.

Blender rulz! Using it every

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Blender rulz!
Using it every day.