New Products

AML's MT7570 Vehicle Mount Terminal, Silicon Mechanics' Bladeform 8100 Series Blade Server Platform, HPC Systems' HiPerStor NAS Product Line and more.
Storix, Inc.'s SBAdmin

In other news from LinuxWorld, Storix, Inc., released SBAdmin v6.2, touted as the first backup and system recovery solution to integrate with IBM's Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM). SBAdmin complements TSM by expanding on its features and capabilities for Linux and AIX systems. SBAdmin also writes directly to the TSM server, which cuts extraneous steps, saves time and increases reliability. In addition, the application provides TSM users with disaster-recover capabilities, including a feature called Adaptable System Recovery, which enables system restore to the same or dissimilar hardware.

64 Studio

Although I fear Dave Phillips will scoop me on his “Studio Dave” blog, let it be known that 64 Studio 2.0 Electric has been released. 64 Studio is “a GNU/Linux distribution tailor-made for digital content creation, including audio, video, graphics and publishing tools.” A remix of Debian, 64 Studio comes in both 64- and 32-bit flavors, allowing it to run on nearly all PC hardware. The distro combines the stability and quality of Debian Etch with a specialized real-time preemption kernel and the latest creative tools demanded by multimedia artists. The developers aim to rocket you from blank hard drive to a fully hardware-optimized and usable creative desktop in just half an hour.


James Gray is Products Editor for Linux Journal.