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After much wasted time trying to re-create TiVo, it turns out the real thing beats all.


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Just to add another note

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Just to add another note which is probalby a deal breaker to most consumers. With Tivo you don't get access to any of the On Demand or PPV stuff. No high def CSI, Sopranos for you!

The Comcast PVRs are

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I think your article overlooked the easiest way to record and watch cable. Use the cable companies stuff.

The Comcast PVRs are integrated with their programming. And they have recently upgraded the software. With the Comcast hdtv pvr ($15/mo), you get *three* high-def tuners. That's right.

With Tivo, you have to buy the box for $300, and pay monthly fees for the guide, and monthly fees to the cable provider for the cards. And arguably you still have an inferior product to the comcast pvr.

Missing Premium Channel on Tivo

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>Okay, so what's with this mostly stuff? I don't know if the cable cards >are at fault or the cable company is at fault, but I've had two >problems with cable cards. They tend to lose their authentication >occasionally. They will re-authenticate themselves automatically, but >your reception drops out in the meantime. I also do not receive a >couple of premium channels I'm supposed to get, and the cable company >hasn't figured out why. They're redundant channels, so it doesn't >affect my viewing, but it's an annoyance."

The issue with your missing premium channels probably has to do a mismatch with the sub-streams of the MPEG transport.

For example, make sure there is only one video stream and that its PID is matches the PCR PID, that is if the provider embeds the PCR (program clock reference) in with the video stream. Make sure that the video stream is a type 0x02 (ISO-138181). The other types of video are MPEG-1 - (will not work) and SCTE (another MPEG-2 video standard). I believe the TiVo can decode SCTE (0x80), but have not verified.

Another common problem with the cablecards is no audio on a few channels. This may be attributed to the TiVo 3 or cablecard-ready television's inability to decode the audio type. Unfortunately, the audio codecs used is not always consistent with the content providers. In regards to the TiVo 3, The last I checked (within past 6 months), it cannot decode MPEG-2 audio. Typically, cable companies use AC3 (Dolby Digital) to deliver audio, which is what is defined by the ATSC and used by TiVo and many televisions. Hence, why TiVo does not play audio when audio is MPEG-2 audio. Check with the cablecard-ready television or TiVo manufacturers for a firmware update to add the codecs.