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After this devastation the

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After this devastation the port was re-established at its present location in the deep water bay of Teluk Dalam which had by chance escaped the flooding.
Until today some families (mainly Chinese) in Teluk Dalam have there origins from the original traders of Lagundri Bay and. on the death of the “old folk” they are buried in the Grave sites on the bank of the beach Pantai Sorake. Also a recent land dispute (1995) to the “erpact” Dutch Homestead site was based on an old document (period of exile of the Dutch from Indonesia) giving deed of land to a Chinese family in Teluk Dalam whose family had origins of working at the Dutch homestead. There great - great grand mother survived the flooding after being found high in the fronds of a still standing sago palm tree.

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Well he is a very bright

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Well he is a very bright young man having the right attitude, the rest are just details. I like where we are heading, I like mobility and self commitment, we should start focus enhancing technology transfer, this would bring so many more development opportunities.


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I had some trouble finding SAGU. It looks like this is it.


WeBWorK --- web based homework system

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Being a WeBWorK administrator I'd like to mention this free and open source homework system (, which is used by a number of universities for quite a few years already... I don't think there even is a non-FOSS alternative to WeBWorK with the same functionality.

Sarunas Burdulis
Sysadmin at Math Dept., Dartmouth College