KDENLIVE Is a Promising Work in Progress

KDENLIVE is the Kracker-Jack video editor with the Kantankerous name.


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"The audio fader envelopes are not directly editable on the timeline, but may be accessed only through the effects control interface—a situation that is cumbersome at best."
- I have Kdenlive 0.5 installed and it is now possible. It is also possible to see audio thumbnails.

"The faders are limited further by the ability to insert only two keyframes in any given clip, so doing something as simple as a fade-out at the end of a clip necessitates slicing off a separate clip solely for the purposes of fading out—a definite work-flow impediment. Other effects suffer from similar limited keyframe-ability."
- Ctrl-click in the timelime adds keyframes. Dragging keyframes away from the timeline deletes them.