Getting Started with the Trolltech Greenphone SDK

Everything you need to know to start programming for the cool new Greenphone.
Where to Go from Here

It would be great to explore many other Qtopia-specific features in more detail, such as the QCop IPC mechanism for communication across processes, the XML-based theming engine, the secure execution environment (SXE), plus all the phone-specific features, for starters.

Qtopia provides a lot of advantages for the embedded developer designing applications for mobile phones.

Besides the emulation environment, the code compatibility with desktop applications and the natural intuitive application framework, I find that Qtopia does something better than other embedded environments do—it helps put the fun back into programming.

Robert E. Hartley is happily married and the father of four wonderful children. He is a dual-national Australian/Canadian living in Ottawa, Canada. Robert started his working life as a programmer writing assembly language on IBM mainframes before getting hooked on UNIX and C in the mid-1980s. He started using Linux as his principal desktop environment ten years ago, and has until recently been busy consulting and training customers around North America and Europe as a Trolltech certified Qt Trainer for its North American training partner, ICS (



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hi i have a graduation

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i have a graduation project and i want to develop aprogram on green phone but i still need help please if any one has experience please email me

RIP Linux Greenphone

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Is this phone available to buy for use as a regular phone? My contract is almost up and I want a Linux smartphone...

Great info. Thanks.

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Great info. Thanks.

Beating the OpenMoko to It

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Thanks for a refreshing review (and a sigh of relief after Ty's take, which left room for doubt).