Introduction to Stream Control Transmission Protocol

The first in a series on SCTP and how to migrate TCP applications.

SCTP has full support out of the box for IPv6 as well as IPv4. You simply need to use IPv6 socket addresses instead of IPv4 socket addresses. If you create an IPv4 socket, SCTP will deal only with IPv4 addresses. But, if you create an IPv6 socket, SCTP will handle both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.


This article provides a brief introduction to the IETF Stream Control Transmission Protocol and explains how it can be used as a replacement for TCP. In future articles, we will examine additional features of SCTP and show their use.

Jan Newmarch is Honorary Senior Research Fellow at Monash University. He has been using Linux since kernel 0.98. He has written four books and many papers and also has given courses on many technical topics, concentrating on network programming for the last six years. His Web site is


Jan Newmarch has written many books and papers about software engineering, network programming, user interfaces and artificial intelligence, and he is currently digging into the IoT.


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An excellent article concerning introduction to SCTP.
Very good!

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