Automated GIMP Processing of Web Site Images

Take advantage of The GIMP to perform mundane but needed image processing for Web sites.

A slightly more complex script is the gimp-monkeyiq-append-layer-from-image-file, which is designed to act like the command-line cat img1 img2 >| bar command sequence. We are “appending” a layer from one image file to another. From the image from which we are reading a new layer, getMergedLayer() is called to grab all the visible layers as a single layer. As there are other scripts to hide and show layers in images, the input image can be prepared in a temporary image file to have only the desired layer(s) visible. The output image will be resized to the larger size of both input images. The code for the append layer is shown in Listing 12.

Layers can be moved around with given x,y deltas using gimp-monkeyiq-move-visible-layers, as shown in Listing 13.

The dimensions of images also can be set aside for use in PHP Web pages. The gimp-monkeyiq-get-dimension creates a bunch of PHP variables set to interesting image metadata (Listing 14). The writedata() function sets the PHP variables in the output file for the desired input layer.