Cooking with Linux - Languages Build Character, or Vice Versa

Just what do you have to do to type those special characters anyhow?

Marcel Gagné is an award-winning writer living in Waterloo, Ontario. He is the author of the all-new Moving to Free Software, his sixth book from Addison-Wesley. He also makes regular television appearances as Call for Help's Linux guy. Marcel is also a pilot, a past Top-40 disc jockey, writes science fiction and fantasy, and folds a mean Origami T-Rex. He can be reached via e-mail at You can discover lots of other things (including great Wine links) from his Web site at



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Sales force manager

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Thanks for the help :(, Nixon.

¡Gracias, Marcel!

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Your article is very informative and has saved me a great deal of trouble.

I've been using exclusively Linux at home for years, and until I found this page special characters caused me more frustration than any other topic in a long while.

Keyboard entry of special chars

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I read this article because this is an issue I have to deal with on a regular basis. I can enter diacritical marks in Emacs, but I haven't figured out how to do so w/ open office. The article would be vastly more useful if the methods for doing so were reviewed. The methods, in fact, that were illustrated in this article are part of the problem, and not the solution---at least for me.

I must be able to type full speed with diacritical and other special characters.