eCryptfs: a Stacked Cryptographic Filesystem

A new cryptographic filesystem in the Linux kernel uses stacking technology.
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Mike Halcrow ( is a Security Software Engineer at the IBM Linux Technology Center and is the lead architect and developer of eCryptfs. He is also pursuing a Master's degree in Computer Science at UT, Austin. In the past, he has maintained the openCryptoki PKCS#11 application, contributed to Common Criteria CAPP/EAL security certification efforts for Linux and authored the BSD Secure Levels Linux Security Module (LSM) that shipped in previous versions of the Linux kernel.



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How interface HW accelerator to eCryptofs to do encryption

RamaKris's picture

Hi i want to interface or configure HW accelerator to eCryptfs.
How to do that coz my HW can do AES,DES and i want to use hardware accelerator with eCryptfs to do disk encryption.


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Quick note from the author

Michael Halcrow's picture

This article is on page 54 of the print edition. I recommend picking up a copy; there are several good security-related articles in there.

Visit for more information on eCryptfs.