Expose VoIP Problems Using Wireshark

Sniff out VoIP problems with Wireshark.

Sean Walberg is a network Engineer from Winnipeg, Canada, and has been working with VoIP for several years. You can visit him at ertw.com.



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Is it Possible

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Dear All,

I have Wireshark installed on my PC. Connectivity is like Switch -> IP phone -> PC.. I want to capture the packets of VOIP communication. In wireshark, while capturing, it will ask us to select the interface option is PC NIC. In this case is it possible to capture the VOIP communication..

Please port your input / suggestions.



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There is a lot of good info in here. Once you get Voip setup just right it works great!

Voip Assist

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I'm new to this and I would like to learn and how it work. my set up: dsl->netgear wireless router->vonage voip and windows pc connected direct to router. I would like to capture latency on my voip phone, just so I can see how packet being transmit real time over internet. Now my question is can I use wireshark with what I have set up at home? Thanks.

I got a lot of useful

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I got a lot of useful infomation from this article, especially in the latency, jitter and packet loss part. Thank you!