How to Port Linux When the Hardware Turns Soft

Porting Linux to run on the Pico E12 and beyond.

I got Linux up and running on new hardware, and other opportunities with other hardware and with other embedded OSes have occurred. Board bring-up for the E12 was hard. Somewhere on Kernel-Newbies I read advice to newbie kernel hackers to lurk on the mailing lists for a few years before attempting anything serious—advice I am glad I did not take. I did not start this as a complete novice. I had a lot of experience that made this much easier. It was thrilling, mythical and magical. I can call myself a Linux Kernel Developer—though maybe not too loudly around Linus Torvalds, Andrew Morton or Alan Cox. But, it was not more difficult than many other software tasks—just more rewarding.


I would like to thank Dr Trout at Pico for paying me for projects I would do for free.

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