/var/opinion - MythTV Goes Amiss

Did MythTV get its name because the ability to install it easily is a myth?


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You can share a bit

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You can share a bit here?

my e-mail: br34k-d4nc3[at]hotmail[.]fr
some help please...


MythTV is Great!

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Has this author ever heard of Mythbuntu, or Ubuntu and tried the literally hundreds of links on the web just full of help for MythTV and how to not only install it but also set it up and figure out almost any problem.

I have run MythTV on custom Ubuntu distributions now for almost 2 years with little to no difficulties. I am able without much pain or difficulty to get everthing in Myth working, inlcuding different emulators for gaming, music, videos TV PVR functions and DVD archives. What more do you want!

Oh yea, I figured out my problem...I don't have my college degree...YET!!!

KnoppMyth R5D1

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I was able to get KnoppMyth up and running pretty easily using new hardware. I put my homepage to the thread I wrote about it. I had a few hiccups, but with help for the KM forums, I was able to get things figured out.

I agree, but...

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...when it comes to getting a MythTV box together, I'm sorry but, you must forget about using the latest and greatest hardware. It's just not going to happen. I spent one whole month trying to setup my first MythTV box even with the help of the great HOWTO at www.wilsonet.com. But after I got it up, it ran like a champ for a year and a half. (I've since stripped it down and sold the parts to pay for a trip to Australia.) Since then I've put together three more setups, using Knoppmyth, and other setups.

What have I learned?
1) MythTV's setup has a SERIOUSLY HUGE learning curve.
2) DO NOT use hardware that isn't well supported.
3) If you don't want headaches and lost sleep, using older hardware with Linux is just one of those necessary evils one must come to terms with.

On better note: I've since found MythDora - http://g-ding.tv/?q=MythDora - a "FC4/OS with MythTV-0.19 all on one CD."
My last setup was by far the easiest, but only after waiting until MythDora released it's 2.32 version. I was able to get a setup going in 30 minutes - of course with tried and true older hardware (eg. WinTV PVR 250, Nvidia graphics card, non-AM2 motherboard, PATA hard drive, etc.) Even the remote control worked after the install. I was amazed.