Caller ID with Asterisk and Ajax

Combine Asterisk and Ajax to display incoming and outgoing call information.

Mike Diehl is a freelance Computer Nerd specializing in Linux administration, programing, and VoIP. Mike lives in Albuquerque, NM. with his wife and 3 sons. He can be reached at


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Regarding script in linux

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I need a script which will count the number of lines in a file or directory without counting the commented lines with different patterns.Can anyone help me out in this.

This is great, however, it

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This is great, however, it requires that your browser window be open at all times and on top of all other windows for you to see the caller info.

I have created a windows service that will listen on a defined port. When the call comes in, * posts some details to the listener service and this pops open my default browser to a predefined page and the page then loads the caller information from a call database. This way the only thing running on the windows pc is a small service and not javascript refreshing every second.

The above solution was for my windows machines...but for a linux solution wouldn't it be just as easy to run a system command to open the browser along with the url to a page like And then have the php page pull the caller information when the page loads from the unique id 1 time instead of constantly?

sarge! if you can share your windows listener

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agree. I need the same functionality as you developed for windows environment.
I will appreciate if you will share this windows listener.

Great combination of scripts

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Just wanted to than you Mike for these great examples. I just finished adding your scripts into our intranet web page and enjoyed learning on the way. This is my first time trying out anything on AJAX and I'm already impressed.

Thank you

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Thank you for the kind words. Sorry I'm just getting back to you; I don't usually check this forum. Take care and have fun,

Mike Diehl.

Caller ID with Asterisk and Ajax

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Thanks for sharing your in depth knowledge with us.