PathScale InfiniPath Interconnect

InfiniBand and AMD HyperTransport are made for each other just like soup and...something that goes with soup.


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Topcrunch results are dated by 2 months...

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Take a look at today (8/4/2006). Intel has hit the Top 10 with only 32 dual-processor nodes. It will be interesting to see what Intel Xeon 5160 + Infinipath + PCI-Express + OpenIB will do to improve these results even further. Anyone up for this?

Topcrunch results

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Yes, take a look at the results, as they were achieved with Intel Xeon 5160 + InfiniBand + OpenIB. Using Infinipath instead of InfiniBand will just eat the CPU resources.

TopCrunch Results

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The prior comment is coming from someone who is obviously not familiar with InfiniPath as we have found that InfiniPath InfiniBand outperforms all other InfiniBand implementaions pretty much across the board - at least for MPI applications like LS-DYNA.