Linux for Suits - An Interview with J.P. Rangaswami

The world's best suit rolls up new sleeves.

Doc Searls is the Editor in Chief of Linux Journal


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Al-Noor Ramji - another view

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Al-Noor Ramji is a showman and a charlatan. He stuffed BT with cronies who owe their careers to him. Most of the IT development work has been shipped offshore. Soon TCS and Infosys will have a nice neckhold on BT. Worst of all, his methods aren't actually any good. Agile isn't relevant to a corporation whose IT workload is mostly systems integration and process design. Al-Noor Ramji was sacked by Qwest with a job title of Technical Adviser. His top priority has been to make himself unsackable at BT.

Al-Noor's vision is to peddle the nonsense that the world is going faster and faster, and only one man can save us from the dizzying pace of change - Al-Noor Ramji.

What are talking about...?

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What on earth are you waffling on about?

I couldn't really care what your personally feelings are towards Al-noor Ramji; however - you've completely undermined any logical argument by slating Agile development processes. They're not a 100% fit for everything, but you get better results than the stacks of powerpoints, visios & pdf files that you're undoubtedly familiar with & obviously use to hide behind when the work needs to get done!!!