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I tried doing the Windew

Anonymous's picture

I tried doing the Windew install like you had explained in your article but on my laptop it didn't work windows crashed on reboot during install.

I tried it on my main desktop, and it worked but you can't load Windews Xp due to unable to verify security problem. How did you get around this issue?

Thanks Great article

Virtual Machines on Linux

wizard_jim's picture

I'm retired now, but spent 30 years in the IT industry (25 in tech support). I worked in an all Windows shop, but there were 8 Unix platforms I was responsible for maintaining and monitoring. Linux provided me with the mechanism to do that better than anything Microsoft could provide. However, like you, I needed to use Outlook to provide access to the departmental email. At the time, I came across VMware. It provided a virtual platform for Windows and Outlook, running under Linux. Price wasn't a problem because my department could foot the bill. However, in my current situation, VMware is a wee bit pricey solution to run the one or two Windows applications I need (i.e. TurboTax and Quicken). Although CodeWeaver's CrossOver Office Pro 5.0 is a pretty good product that's reasonably priced, it currently only supports a handful of Windows applications. This year TurboTax would not install as an unsupported application. Your information on an open-source emulator solution is great news and very much appreciated. I'm looking forward to giving it a try.

Crossover and TurboTax

toorffej's picture


I have been using TurboTax for the Web for 5 or 6 years now. In fact, I just finished this year's taxes last night. SuSE 9.1 and Firefox on a Dell C600. I usually set up a separate profile just for TT so I can turn off my usual heavy filtering tools. Never had a glitch.

They do have an annoying "browser warning" page, but that's more to keep the phone calls down than any real limitation.

When I first started using TT, I had to grovel through their Javascript browser sniffer code, piece together the correct URL and just go there. Worked great.

It's interesting that 5 years ago, their browser sniffer was set to accept Netscape 4 under Solaris. Yep, they supported Unix explicitly. I don't know why they stopped allowing this.

The only other reason I can think of to NOT use TT over the Web is privacy. All I can say is that they do a decent job of securing the connection. Beyond that, you should realize that the IRS got a "D" in computer security this year, which means your tax return is the _most_ vulnerable after you hand it over to them. I consider TT to be one of the stronger links in this security/privacy chain.

And if you tick off a sitting President, you'll find your tax returns being passed around like baseball cards. ;)

As for Quicken, I've found GnuCash to be a worthy replacement. Your mileage may vary.