Cooking with Linux - The Virtual Streets of $HOME

Use Linux to visit virtual consoles, cities and battle zones.


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You see, what you may not know is that your system keeps track of the contents of those virtual consoles (1-6) in a special device file, /dev/sdaX
Just a little slip but /dev/sdaX refers to a scsi drive not the virtual console /dev/vcs1 mentioned previously in the article.


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Hello Luke,

Well, Sacré Bleu! I knew what I was typing before hand but another device file snuck in there accidentally. You are absolutely correct to point it out. That should have been /dev/vcsX for the virtual console device. And I thought it was such a cool trick, too . . . [ insert appropriate smiley here ].

Thanks again, and take care out there.

-- Marcel

Marcel (Writer and Free Thinker at Large) Gagné AND