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With a little SOAP, cleanliness is next to Googliness.

This month, we took a brief look at Google's search API. Using some simple tools, including the SOAP::Lite module for Perl, we were able to build a simple command-line version of Google's search page. In coming months, we'll look at Google's map API and begin to see how we can create mashup services that combine multiple data sources.

The code for this article is available at

Resources for this article: /article/8881.

Reuven M. Lerner, a longtime Web/database consultant, is currently a PhD student in Learning Sciences at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois. He and his wife recently celebrated the birth of their son Amotz David.



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Google won't give me the key and code for web page : Google maps

Derry Adams's picture

Google maps are terribly inaccurate.

Google DO NOT provide :
Advanced Geocoding
Option for Large Static Maps

service Level Agreement
Technical Support
Support portal & usage reporting

Google maps for business is a basic mapping service for API and is not always free. The customisation is poor, and the coverage is not great, seldom recognising small towns and only to postcode accuracy as NO geocoding !

If something is good enough, they would not give it away !

i prefer a Viamichelin solution, much more professional

Nick Wood's picture

Just had this back from a business who has moved to Google to ViaMichelin !

Initially Simplytrax used a product I trialed and it stank (2008) and I told them I can only assume that this is a joke.

They have sinced changed provider and told me that Google maps are terrible unlike our new system with benefits from enhanced ViaMichelin technology.
Google maps web service is about the worst mapping I have seen and I have seen most mapping systems. No reputable company would use Google API.

Our new platform uses a viamichelin business web service which far surpasses anything we have seen before.

More coverage, better accuracy and support and a world recognised brand for quality for a price less than I thought ( ViaMichelin were Cheaper than the Google enterprise Ajax API we solution by 25% with straight forward Javascript coding !

Mark Boardman of ViaMichelin business UK stated " We are pleased to have secured this contract to ensure the continued success of SimplyTrax"


Simply Trax

Google won't give me the key and code for web page

arlequin's picture

Dear Reuven,
Congratulations for your article!

I've registered a Google account this morning but still haven't received an email with the file... Is it normal this way?

I'd like to use your perl script embedded into a web page but I work with PHP. Is there a simple way to put that perl code to work on a web page assuming the parameters came from a form?
I assume PHP 4 manages SOAP, can I work with PHP/SOAP?


Gabriel Menini
Linux Registered User #207262