CrossOver Office 5.0

Those who need to run legacy Windows applications on Linux should consider CrossOver Office 5.0.

At $39.95 US, CrossOver Standard is relatively inexpensive—certainly cheaper that purchasing a licensed copy of Windows. Most professional users would consider $69.95 US to be a reasonable price to pay for the higher level of support. We give CrossOver Office a thumbs up for price.

Overall Rating

In summary, CodeWeavers CrossOver Office is a promising product, and we give it a final score of very good. We recommend strongly that you run CrossOver Office on a decent machine with some good processing power and lots of RAM. On anything less, CrossOver Office would score satisfactory at best. With the right hardware though, it easily could have earned a score of excellent if it weren't for the fact that it has minor stability problems and difficulty getting multimedia applications working properly. This brings down the overall score of a product that has excellent documentation, support and an easy-to-use interface. Hopefully, future versions of CrossOver Office will address these points, making it a more viable professional product for hardware that is less than the latest and greatest.

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