Xen Virtualization and Linux Clustering, Part 1

Interested in seeing what all the fuss is about Xen? Use the steps in this tutorial to get Xen installed and domains configured.


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how can i do virtualization on a cluster of 3 physical computer

Ajay vijayan's picture

i want to know weather this is possible for more than 2 physical cpu or a cluster of 2 to 3 computers

How Tos for Xen-Cluster online in German!

Anonymous's picture

If you're looking for a German Howto for a Xen-Cluster virtualization, take a look at http://www.thomas-krenn.com/de/wiki/Kategorie:Xen

application in SAN storage environment

Anonymous's picture

Whats the possible use of virtualisation in a storage environment?

application in SAN storage environment

Anonymous's picture

Whats the possible use of virtualisation in a storage environment?

High availability

Corey's picture

If you have a highly available cluster running over a shared filesystem such as GFS or Lustre etc. You can virtualize your nodes so that when a node needs to come down for maintainence or whatever, you can simply migrate the "virtual" node to other hardware, possible one that already has an instance running. XEN domain migration is very fast, less than 100ms from what I understand. It becomes a lot easier to attain "Five 9's" of uptime or better.

less than 100ms downtime,

miguelon's picture

less than 100ms downtime, that's awesome, I've done it and its true, if you continuosly ping a domain and migrate it, you only lose one of them.

nice howto, thank you!

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I have but one gripe: what is it with the page width? I'm at 1280x1024, and the page is still wider than my screen! Like, crazy, man.


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I wouldn't worry too much about missing some advertisements ;-)

page width

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I have the same resolution, Displays fine.

ah, I should have tried more

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ah, I should have tried more browsers. It's a Konqueror problem, firefox and opera look fine.

Looks bad in Safari too

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You guys should test your pages in a few browsers. It comes out super wide for me, very irritating.

Thanks for the article though.

Safari and Konqueror

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Yeah, Safari and Konqueror both use about the same engine.

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