Moving to Blog-City is a Linux-based feature-rich blogging community that delivers a robust and heavily-customizable blogging experience.
Posting to Your Blog

Now that you have your blog set up, you probably want to post something. Click the Blog-It tab at the top of the page to go to your Create New Blog Entry page (Figure 8), and then fill in the fields:

  • Title: the title for the post.

  • Summary: you either can fill this in explicitly or let the software do it for you by pulling out the first 250 characters from your post. As you might imagine, this can end up trailing off in the middle of a sentence.

  • Link to entry: lets you tell Blog-City to use a specific URL instead of using the title as the URL, which is handy if you need to be able to spell out the link to people later.

  • The content box: enter the content for your blog.

Figure 8. The Blog-City Create New Blog Entry Page

When you're finished, click Save and publish if you're finished with the post and ready to put it up, click Save entry in draft if you're not ready to publish it, or click Preview if you want to see what the post will look like. If you have people signed up for your mailing list (look in Extra -< Mailing List to see how many members—people can sign up right from your front page), you want to have checked the Send an alert e-mail to your mailing-list check box before posting. If you saved the entry to draft, you can post it later by clicking the Home tab, looking in the Entries not yet published section and clicking the entry title, and then clicking Publish Entry to the left of the content.

Click the Entries tab to add other types of content. An Entry generally refers to a blog post, but you also can post reviews, photos and Events. The administration section changes as often as the Blog-City staff adds new features, so be sure to explore it as time goes on, so you don't miss something new and cool.

Happy blogging!

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goraca laska's picture

Thanks for this advices.
They really help me in creating my own blog.

thank you

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Thank you guys.
Now i preparing new blog about Music remixes
Really like your job
Dj Remix from Poland

BlueDragon (ColdFusion)

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BlueDragon rocks! Glad to see massive sites like blog-city helping to show it's a highly scalable and powerful web application platform. :)

My Blog about Madonna

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Thank you guys, all I found here is great thing for me. Just started my first blog about Madonna.It's really fast and simple.Good Job !!!

Creating Blog

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I run several standard websites and heard a lot about blogs. But I didn't thought about my own blog. Until I get here. Read about creating blogs and suddenly discovered it must be simple. Definitely I try to do my own blog now.
Thank you guys.