Why I Don't [strike]Like[/strike] [edit: Get] Wikis

Without editorial control [edit: tyrannical egotistic editors in chief] wikis are at best a good idea done bad.

Dave Taylor has been hacking shell scripts for over thirty years. Really. He's the author of the popular "Wicked Cool Shell Scripts" and can be found on Twitter as @DaveTaylor and more generally at www.DaveTaylorOnline.com.


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Wiki Article

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This is an interesting article, obviously written for people who don't know about wikis and the edits are overly harsh.

What goes on at LJ? This

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What goes on at LJ? This article about how Wiki's being 'at best a good idea gone bad' should never have made it into the magazine.

We find out that Taylor thinks emailing Word Documents around is *far far* easier than Wikis. Hmmm I call BS.

Wiki's aren't perfect but they are useful. Curiously, right after this article is another called "Using Wikis and Blogs to ease Administration."

Very strange to see these articles back to back.

ms word must die

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Anarchy always sound fun until you try it. Then you learn the hard way that structure and discipline are good things, and help you have actual accomplishments, instead of getting lost and wandering in circles.


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We do use wiki to document our tools , libraries, projects
Wonderful tool!
Taylor's article has noplace in here!
Not everyone likes sugar!