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Line-out - choice of fixed or variable level

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Doc Searls wrote:

"It turns out that the line output is volume-controlled. So, if that ZonePlayer is turned down or muted, so is the line output. This means I can't drive the FM transmitter with it--or anything else I can imagine. After a series of phone calls and e-mail exchanges, I learned that fixed line output should be a selectable feature by the time you read this."

I can confirm this is the case with version 1.3 of the software (which is automatically downloaded and installed on the ZPs and the controller).

On the desktop controller, just select "settings" for a zone, and you get the choice of variable or fixed volume for the line-outs for the individual zone-players.

Format Support

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Hi Doc!

I just wanted drop a quick note on our supported file formats. Our current lineup is actually FLAC, OGG, MP3, AIFF, WMA, WAV, and AAC. So you're all set if OGG is your format of choice :)

Also, if anyone is interested: there are a few Linux hackers in the Digital Expert section of the Sonos Forums ( that have coded up a very functional, cross-platform desktop controller written in Perl. To gain access to that portion of the forum, you'll need to pass the Digital Expert test here: