Linux in the Real World

Find out how SSC uses Linux to produce all of their products, including this magazine.

Some of the tools mentioned in this article may not have been included with your Linux distribution.

  • NIS: Documentation is available from and binaries are available via ftp from in /pub/Linux/system/Network/admin/yp-clients.tar.gz.

  • Orion: This firewall was available for purchase from Zebu Systems, or (206)-781-9566 and is based on the Mazama Packet Filter software,

  • smap: smap is part of the Trusted Information System's Firewall Toolkit at

  • ssh: ssh has a home page at

  • Samba: Samba has a home page at

  • Apache: Apache has a home page at

  • xv: xv is available with some Linux distributions, and is available via ftp from in /pub/xv/.

LaTeX, groff, sendmail, tar, diff, and other utilities mentioned in this article should be included with your Linux distribution.

Kevin Pierce is a Marketing Assistant at SSC. He grew up in New Hampshire, went to school at Florida State University, and reserves most Saturday afternoons for college football.


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