Resources for “Making IT Work”

Resources for the print article.

Survival of New Orleans Blog:

Netcraft Story on DirectNIC:

Interview with Sigmund Solares on ITConversations:

Data Protection Services:


Doc Searls is the Editor in Chief of Linux Journal


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What does it have to do with Linux?

Val's picture

Mr. Searls,
This is worst of your columns. Sorry. It is mostly re-prints from websites. The Linux Journal could have printed links to those websites and save a few trees. You also failed to show how Linux or FOSS helped (if any) company keep running in all this chaos. Sig and his team would have had to work hard to protect M$ Windows servers as well.

Still interesting

Zlatko's picture

While I agree with you Val that it has little to do with Linux, I have still found it as a very good and interesting read. We all know how complex and fragile IT infrastructure can get these days and it's nice to see how others manage to make miracles even under the toughest times.

But yes, where's Linux in all that info? C'mon Doc.. :)