DVD Mastering Using QDVDAuthor

Dan Sawyer, an expert in Linux-based video production tools, shares the inside scoop on mastering DVDs using QDVDAuthor.

Dan Sawyer is a freelance director/producer running the backbone of his small studio on Linux. He has been an enthusiastic advocate for Free and Open Source software since the late 1990s, when he founded the Blenderwars filmmaking community (www.blenderwars.com). Current projects include the independent SF feature Hunting Kestral (www.blenderwars.com/kestralmannix) and The Psyche Project, a fine art photography book centering on strong women in myth.



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Where's the chaptering step hiding?

Felix Miata's picture

"Once you've finished importing all your footage, it's time to begin constructing your menus."

Seems to me the subject of chapters to this point has not yet been addressed, which would mean now's the time to contruct chapters, not menus. Did I miss something?

Doesn't burn after "Create DVD" is clicked

Anonymous's picture

The "Create DVD" button when clicked goes through the usual display of processes and some sort of files are created in the tmp area but none of the stuff created makes a DVD that'll play on a DVD player. It's just junk.

I wish someone would make a linux video program that actually works!


ej's picture

Thanks for putting this together. I've tried qdvdauthor a few times but never could quite get it figured out.
I have managed to put together a dvd but when I run the batch it just quits after processing the 3 clips I have added and I'm running the batch again to find the error. The output folder has 2 of the 3 video files so it must be something with the 3rd clip. It creates the mpg files for all 3 though in the tmp folder. All 3 clips came from the same source and were run through mencoder.
Any ideas?

Qdvdauthor - transparent background to buttons

Mike's picture

I can't see anyway to make the background of buttons transparent.
Did you simply blend the colours? - if not, how please.
Mike. (UK - explains colours)

Authoring Help

David's picture

On the page for "Authoring" : alle the list of commands are empty ! Why ?
How can I do to export my project ?

Missing defaults

JoeWH's picture

I had a similar problem. I deleted ~/.qdvdauthor/qdvdauthor.ini then accepted the regenerate init file dialog when I restarted qdvdauthor and my problem was solved.

Worked for me

Anonymous's picture

Thanks, had the very same problem here, but deleting the ini file helped!

Audio Help Wanted

tuxi's picture

I'm looking for help in mastering the original audio into AC3 and/or PCM in addition to stereo. If I import my DV into Kino, edit it and export it to an MPEG file, and then create a DVD from it, I don't get audio on my digital input to my receiver from my DVD player. I do have the stereo audio if I use those inputs to the TV.

Is there a set of flags to set in the Audio Encoding field in Kino? The default is "mp2enc -v 0". I suspect that I need to invoke ffmpeg with the right flags for AC3, PCM, and MP2.

Thanks -- Tuxi

Audio Problem Solved

tuxi's picture

I found out that if I used Kino's DV Pipe [I used the DVD-Video Dual Pass (FFMPEG)] I got the AC3 sound. The problem with playback over my home theater system is resolved.

Previously, I had used the MPEG tab in Kino and had selected the YUV Deinterlace Film-Like option.

(After orginally posting this, I found the explicit instruction in the article to use the DV Pipe :(.)

Any further comments would be appreciated.

Thanks -- Tuxi